“So I had this issue – all of the tiles of my driveway to the garage in the patio started acting up. I read about Dallas Handyman and that they offer repair of issues of the kind, so I decided to give them a shot. The guys were surprisingly responsive and rather quick at what they did. They got the entire thing fixed in less than a weekend, provided that it’s a long and particularly wide driveway. I was really satisfied with their work.”
“I’ve been meaning to remodel my kitchen for years now, but my husband is always nagging me about how we don’t need it. So, naturally, I waited for his company trip and called the Dallas Handyman. I didn’t really have a plan in my head, but I knew I wanted my kitchen to be remodeled entirely. The guys drafted a schematic and a design, and I was surprised at how creative they are. Needless to say, I loved it, and they got it done just in time for my husband’s arrival. Sure, he was a bit mad at first, but this didn’t last more than half an hour as he truly gave the guys the credit they deserved for pulling off such a flawless job.”
“My bathroom is my sanctuary. As silly as this may sound, I get quite a lot of privacy in there. Being a father of 3 daughters is rather tough, believe me when I say it – so whenever I get the chance to read some news quietly in my bathroom – I tend to take full advantage of it. However, it was getting rather old-fashioned, so I thought I might ask the guys at Dallas Handyman to give a few suggestions. After taking a closer look, they suggested some spot-on alterations, and I was all hyped up. We got the job done in less than 3 days without excessive dirt and construction materials all over the place.”
“I live in a typical closed community neighborhood, and I wanted my patio to be properly distinguished and separated from those of my two neighbors. I called the Dallas Handyman as I knew they were doing fencing work. Even though they gave me quite a few suggestions about the design, I already had something in mind, so I asked them to get it done. The guys quickly figured what were it that I was looking for and got the entire patio surrounded in a couple of days. And I thought that it would take at least a week.”

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