About Us

The Dallas Handyman services is a family owned business that has been operating for over two decades now, with a large customer base in and around the Delaware Valley. Since 1986, we have operated under strict guidelines, and customer satisfaction has always been our first priority.

With tons of experience and passion for the job, our technicians are highly experienced in what they do. We offer professional Handyman services which include home repairs and maintenance.

Reasons Why You Should Hire Us;

1. Our professional services are extremely affordable and convenient to the type of project at hand, with no hidden costs.
2. We are locally available and familiar with the community.
3. We are always on time, work fast and are strict about deadlines.
4. Our insured, experienced technicians have a wide skill-set to tackle any project thrown at them.
5. Large customer base in our portfolio.
6. Years of experience.
7. We offer expert advice on home repairs, maintenance and improvements.
8. We have all the tools for the job.
9. We clean-up after we are done.
10. We are a licensed business operating under the law.

Handyman Services Your Home Needs


Whether it’s a broken chair, a table that needs repair, we offer carpentry services that cover all the household furniture. Other than repairs, we also design the new concepts of furniture as per your specifications.


We repair water leaks in bathrooms and kitchens. We offer pipe installations and repair for old pipes. We also remodel bathrooms and advice the customer on new designs.


We replace light bulbs, house rewiring and any other repairs and maintenance related to electricity and electrical cables.


A beautiful backyard can be used for family gatherings with loved ones. It can also be used as a playground for your kids. We design and remodel backyards and backyard patios.


We offer waterproofing services for your basement. It is important to waterproof your basement to get rid of mold and wall breakage which could ruin your houses foundation.


We offer landscaping services to your yards. We know where to plant a tree and what kind of flowers that will turn your front yard beautiful and appealing to the eye. It is what people see first before they come inside your home.


Overtime, the roof tends to wear out, and it can get leaky. We repair or completely take down the old roof and replace it with a new one.

Call us today and get professional Dallas Handyman services for all your unique needs around your home. We are happy to also offer consultation services for your next home improvement project.

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